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Our clients from a variety of areas including Orlando, Winter Park, New Smyrna Beach and the Central Florida region have sent us comments about the design process and the gardens we designed for them. Read on...

We are anxious to 'move outdoors' and see our beautiful landscape take shape. We still have painting details to complete, though. Thank you for the good design work!

WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! We are impressed. The quality and professionalism of your work has surpassed our expectations. We received your package this afternoon and have spent the last few hours reviewing all of the material. Thanks!

I hope the Hunter's Creek HOA gives us a green light. I can hardly wait until the plan is in full bloom!

We appreciate the care you have given to this project. We are very comfortable that you will be looking out for our interests as the plan becomes a reality.

Happiness is a beautiful Florida landscape!

Thank you again for our wonderful landscape! We are already enjoying the patio every day! Please stop by any time - It was such a pleasure to get to know you both.

We thought of you today while we were enjoying the spring color of the azaleas. The butterfly bush attracted the monarch butterflies this fall. We have completed a cycle from butterfly to caterpillar to pupae to butterfly! What a wonderful experience! Thanks for designing such a pleasant yard for us.
Marshall & Irene

Thank you, Stephen, for the wonderful design for my back yard paradise, and for all the information - suppliers and contractors - needed to get the job done. I put all the information you've left for me near my reading chair, ready for the odd moment and a chance to peruse. I look forward to working with you again perhaps on a future project.

My garden has been a constant source of relaxation and solace, thanks to you.

The plan and all the details you provided are excellent! Thanks so much for your expertise and talent! Will be seeking bids soon and will keep in touch!

Thank you for the beautiful and professional design for my home. I'm excited about bringing them to life! I'll keep you posted…

Things look great! We've been swinging on our bench, rocking in our new teak rockers, and tending our containers. I've taken some photos, which I'll develop soon and share. Thank you for helping us unveil and nurture the treasure we had in our landscape.

Thank you so much for all your design work. We are excited about getting started. It is nice to have a plan to look forward to. We are getting ready for our "field" trip as soon as possible! Thanks again for your professional help.
Larry & Bonnie

Oh yes!! You should see how much it has matured. The River Birch have grown into 20' trees. The hedge at the back in front of the fence is only one foot from the top.  The Dwarf Asian Jasmine has filled all the areas you intended it to cover. Everything in the front is large and beautiful. Drive by sometime -- at night -- the landscape lighting is beautiful!!

Our garden is a sanctuary from the intrusions of the outside world. What makes it so are the flow of water, the butterflies, and birds that visit, the color of the flowers and the seasonal changes with the way the sunlight highlights different areas.

We get thrilled looking at our backyard garden from the house, as well as enjoying meals as weather permits. To the annoyance of our college kids, we never seem to get tired of remarking how nice it looks! Interestingly, while I feel calm and relaxed when viewing the garden from inside my house, I am energized when I am in it. I find myself deadheading, weeding, and trimming whenever I sit for any period of time. But I find this movement and energy spent also relaxing.
Best regards

I hope this finds you well. Although we are not totally complete with the project I thought you'd be interested in seeing our landscape transformation thus far.

We still need to install the pergola/swing, but I expect to have that complete in about a month.

The project looks better and better as time goes by and as the plants get more mature.  Also, the landscape lighting looks awesome at night. I'll have to send you a couple of photos of that too.

Michelle and I really love the design you created for us.  We find ourselves spending much more time out side grilling, having boat drinks, reading, or just doing nothing.  The money we spent on this project is paying dividends and was well worth the investment.

After we complete the final touches, I'd love it if you could come by and take a look at it! Thanks again for everything.