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We design selecting from more than 1,000 different plants suited for Central Florida. After growing, designing with, and writing about plants for over thirty years, we have developed a number of favorites for Central Florida gardens. Here is a VERY small selection of our favorites. Plants with the "Florida Plant of the Year" logo were chosen for  their exceptional performance. They were selected by a committee we served on for the Florida Nurserymen, Growers & Landscape Association
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Insect pests and diseases prefer weak plants. Be sure you choose the right plants for the right locations. Then keep your plants healthy with proper watering and fertilizer. A healthy two to three inch layer of organic mulch will provide adequate nutrients for most plants. Do not use harsh pesticides (which also kill the beneficial insects) and only treat those plants that have a pest. Check our "Favorite Garden Publications" page for numerous plant references.

This is the lovely Mona Lavender plectranthus flowering profusely on our front terrace. Read more about it below.