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The 2012 Issue of Backyard Solutions includes the article Tropical Oasis (page 126) on one of our award winning gardens that we designed in Celebration, FL.

Southern Living Magazine's August 2005 issue included another Winter Park Garden we designed. Check out pages 96-99 to view the article or Click Here to view Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4.

Ornamental Outlook magazine wrote about the landscape design challenges and generosity of donors who helped make the new landscape at Casa Feliz possible. Click Here to view the article.

Southern Living Magazine included a Winter Park garden we designed in their October 2004 issue. Click Here to view the article.

We are featured in the September 2004 Ornamental Outlook cover story. Click Here to view the article.

Tom MacCubbin, gardening columnist for the Orlando Sentinel recently featured us in his 2003 trends in gardening article 'Gardens That Glow'.

The March 2003 issue of Southern Living magazine featured us on page 100 where you'll find a photograph of our home and its terrace containers in the article 'A Grand Entrance'. Discover many of our container gardening tips there and on pages 105 and 110. You can also click here to view a portion of the article.

Two of our landscape designs were featured in the November 2002 issue of Southern Living magazine: 'Entry-level Position' 01 and 02 and 'Parking in Style'.

In May of 1993, just hours before we left for a month-long visit to France, Southern Living arrived to photograph our front deck and blossom-laden confederate jasmine (Trachleospernum jasminoides) at our first home. This was our first appearance in Southern Living Magazine.